Lifetime warranty on the traction machine thsup

Dear Customers, we remind you that we have a lifetime warranty on thsup clutch machine. We are always very careful in dealing with clients on issues of concern in relation to our country, so the products WANT A more detailed description of terms: this warranty

Warranty terms:

We guarantee the proper operation of the clutch machines, there is no play in the lever mechanism, as well as free repair and replacement of destroyed parts from falls during the life of the & NBSP ;.

The guarantee does not apply to:

  1. The play appeared as a result of deterioration or destruction of the bearings
  2. Damage the result is not the correct use
  3. Complete destruction machine clutch

Operating Rules :

  1. Clutch lever mounted on the bracket through the M5 bolt, nut tightening torque on this bolt should be equal to the value of 5.5 Nm.
  2. Periodically check the reliability of the connection and occurrence of backlash is necessary to tighten the nut with a force according to claim 1. Pay attention to the clutch machine work after the fall, if time does not eliminate the damage resulting from a fall, this may lead to rapid wear of the bearing unit or the destruction of the lever fixing bolt.
  3. In the event of moisture or dirt into the bearings, be sure to rinse them with liquid WD-40 lubricant and process type "Litol»

No warranty cases :

  1. Unfortunately, we can not give a guarantee on bearings, as their lifespan is determined by the operating conditions and timely service. If you encounter this problem, contact us and we will make a replacement bearings. . We do not recommend an independent replacement of bearings, damage to parts caused by self-replacement bearings are the basis for refusal to guarantee & NBSP;
  2. Under the ruined part, we understand the part that has lost its functionality, and its geometry is no longer able to ensure they work properly.
  3. Under the complete destruction of the machine coupling we understand the mechanism of injury resulting from external influence at which all three main elements of the mechanism (handle bracket and clamp) have been destroyed, and their further operation is not possible. Scratches and scrapes as well as other damages not associated with the violation of part geometry, by this case does not fall

Special conditions :

  1. All clutch machines thsup owners who bought them before 11.19.2015 we will offer free repair and elimination of defects within the warranty that we have undertaken, even in case of violation of the rules described above.
  2. Changing the bearings is 500 p.
  3. Expenses for the shipment of parts takes on the client.
  4. We hope that the free replacement of damaged parts falls under not lead to abuses, otherwise we will be forced to abandon this warranty options.

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